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Kirby Games  v.1.0

Kirby Games is a small compilation of platform games.

Bighead  v.1.11

Bighead is a fun platform game with high-resolution graphics, and sampled sound effects. Help Bighead overcome obstacles in a wide variety of levels. This game is for anyone who enjoys two-dimensional platform games. The game play is similar to

Blackspirit Graphics  v.2.0.1

A hardware accelerated Java 2D graphics library designed for cross-platform games, providing a powerful but simple interface. It focuses on real-time applications but can also be integrated into graphical user interfaces. The implementation uses JOGL

Platformutes  v.rc

This is a simple platform games. See features for more information

PlatformPy  v.1.0

PlatformPy is an open source 2d platform engine which will allow others to create their own platform games, quickly and easily for multiple platforms.

LibJARL - Jump and Run Library  v.1.0

LibJARL - Jump and Run Library. A library/engine for instant creation of platform games, aiming at gameplay similar to that of Prince of Persia, Flashback & relatives.

Pfff (Platforms' Fun Forever)  v.1.0

Pfff (Platforms' Fun Forever) is a platform game engine written in Ruby which intends to be very adaptive to different platform games. It means many features : graphically independent games, many player own powers, many weapons, many movements, etc.

IME  v.1.0

Integrated Modifications Environment for PC platform games. Scope of games undefined - list will grow.

PAJ Framework  v.1.0

Simple framework for developing cross platform games in C++ or Java.

FunEngine  v.1.0

FunEngine is a complete 2D game engine, designed to develop on a high-level basis many different types of games (platform games, tile games, and so on).

Dagger3D  v.0.3.1

Dagger3D is a library written in C/C++ for making cross-platform games.

PJMOO - Games Multiplataforma  v.rc

Objetivo de disseminar conhecimentos das diversas reas de saber que envolvem o desenvolvimento de jogos independente de plataforma. The objective to spread diverse knowledge of areas to know that to involve the independent development of platform

Arcade Force Game Directory Browser  v.1.0

Internet directory for online (web browser based), console, PC, and emulation games, cheats, and resources in a comprehensive range of game categories and platforms. Categories covered include action, adventure, fighting, horror, Internet, pets, p

Engine001 Action/RPG Maker  v.1.5.0

A game creation engine where you can bring your Action RPG and RPG ideas to life

Game Develop  v.1.5.10151

Game Develop is a free creator software, allowing the development of any kind of 2D games. No knowledge is required, all the development process is made thanks to a graphical user interface, with all editors intregrated. The creation under Game

Coal Plant Escape  v.1.0

Sneak past guards and hide in the shadows to avoid detection.

Masive Multiplayer Online Games Platform  v.1.0

MMOGP is a Platform for Masive Multiplayer Online Games for Webmasters, Advanced Users and Designers destined to create games without programming knowledge.

Fun MultiPlayer Games  v.1.0

Fun MultiPlayer Games is an online toolbar where you can play skill games, watch tv, download gadgets and listen to radio. The games platform gives you $10 Free credits to play skillful games and win. Play Solitaire, Triple Stars, Mega Stars, TG

Mobango Apps & Games for Your Phone  v.2.0

Mobango Apps & Games for Your Phone 2.0 is regarded as a convenient and professional program which provide the most efficient solution for mobile application developers, publishers and brands to generate millions of downloads targeting any country,

BuddhaSoft Games  v.0.7.0

BuddhaSoft is a team of people working on making C++ games for people using the Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Written using SDL to achive maximum flexiblity, we hope these arcade clones will promote open source and cross-platform

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